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Generate Hash

Hasher is a tool for generating password hashes which can be used with tools such as Ansible's user module which requires hashed passwords for deployment. The problem? Many of my users don't have the necessary tools such as mkpasswd or python to create the hashes. For this reason, Hasher was born. To create a new password hash, enter the password in the form to the right.

This tool currently supports the following password hash formats:

  • SHAKE256
  • SHAKE128
  • SHA-512
  • SHA-256
  • Windows NT Lan Manager (NTLM)
  • Bcrypt
  • APR1-MD5
  • MD5

As an avid security advocate, I always recommend that users understand the code that they are using.
For this reason, this application is 100% open-source to increase transparency and encourage trust. The source code may be viewed in the appEngine branch of the Github repository.